Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) Coordinators

Updated Water Quality Standards

On August 16, 2017, the City and County of Honolulu’s, Department of Planning and Permitting implemented an update to the previous Drainage and Erosion Control Standards, requiring more stringent practices/procedures for construction activities.  These regulations were aimed at reducing sediment and pollution runoff from entering streams, oceans, and the City MS4 drainage system due to construction activities.  Of the many new requirements, one of the more substantial rules requires Owners/Contractors to designate trained individuals (ESCP’s) to ensure BMP’s are properly installed and in good working condition.

In order to obtain a Trenching, Building, or Grading Permit, ALL projects must have an approved ESCP and designate a certified ESCP Coordinator*.  The ESCP Coordinator shall implement and oversee the proper installation and performance of BMP’s.  The ESCP Coordinator will be required to conduct a pre-construction inspection and depending on the size of the project, either monthly or weekly inspections thereafter.

Certified ESCP/CWPPP Coordinators:

*Depending on the size and nature of construction, some projects will trigger water quality requirements, which range from Storm Water Quality Checklists, Storm Water Quality Reports, and Operation and Maintenance Manuals (O&M).  All post-construction storm water quality reports and checklists must be prepared by a (CWPPP).  The CWPPP must be a licensed Engineer in the State of Hawaii.